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"While growing up on Beechwood Street in South Memphis, we were blessed to drink from deep rivers of compassion. We were the heirs of hard-working people who shared their resources with each other. If we were hungry, we ate from each other’s table, and when we were sick, we cared for each other. My grandparents, Odie and Leroy Prewitt, were people with meager resources and uncommon generosity. They opened their hearts and homes to relatives and non-relatives in need of shelter or food. They did not think of what they gave as philanthropy because sharing was an act of reciprocity, in which both the giver and the receiver benefited.” 

- Dr. Gina M. Stewart 

Launched in 2002 by Rev. Dr. Gina M. Stewart, Greater Works, Inc. is a non-profit, philanthropic organization dedicated to activating the latent impulse in human beings to bring dollars and dreams together. GWI provides an opportunity for philanthropic expression through the commitment of encouraging philanthropy in others. 


Greater Works, Inc. is a non-profit, philanthropic organization which exists to provide financial resources and technical assistance to faith-based start-ups and emerging non-profits, ministries and churches to help to facilitate the transformation and building of God’s kingdom throughout the world. 


To be a resource ministry which encourages philanthropy through giving and strategic investment in start-ups and emerging faith-based non-profits, ministries and churches.



To strengthen and build skills and information capacity of faith-based start-ups and emerging non-profits.



To provide strategic direction, technical assistance, leadership training, and forums on the investment of financial resources that will lead to the spiritual, economic, educational, and relational transformation of God’s world and God’s people. 
























Greater Works, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization designed to prompt philanthropic giving to provide support

and resources to start-up and emerging faith-based non-profit organizations, ministries, and churches. 




(L-R) Rev. Dr. Jeralyn B. Major, Minerva Little, Vicki Johnson and Deacon Christene Nelms

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